Did You Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Traditionally at the start of the year many people make New Year’s resolutions.  These are commitments to change your life and can include everything from getting a new career, losing weight, taking that class you have always wanted to attend, and umpteen other changes.  In fact, there are such a variety of resolutions that you can find something to change no matter what your walk of life.

But I would like to suggest that these resolutions are simply a waste of time.  Before you get angry and quit reading, just hear me out. 

I would like to suggest that resolutions are simply intentions that most people never act upon. 

Take weight loss for example.

If you haven’t noticed, January is the month where you will find exercise machines and programs for sales in many stores across the country.  Many people make a resolution that they will lose some weight.  So, they buy the latest exercise machine from the store in January, and then by February those same intentions have been forgotten and so have their January purchases.

In a nutshell: New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time.

Don’t give up hope.

I would encourage you to think of January in a different light.  Instead of having good intentions of making changes in your life, I would suggest commit to making them.

Do it right now.

In fact, make a commitment today to change your life for the better.  Don’t just wish it will be better – make it better.

This is your year – take control of your life.

New Year, New Direction


It is hard to believe it is 2017 already.  It seems like we just started 2016 just a few days ago, and yet, here we are.  Last year was full of changes and twists in the road that really challenged me and my views on the world.  In some respects, my life turned upside down compared to 2015 and in that respect it was hard.

As a short list of challenges from last year, I would have to include my realization of my weight problem, changing eating habits (to overcome the weight issues), losing my position as mayor and dealing with my ongoing issues when it comes to my business.  There were some good starts last year as well including becoming a vlogger.

But now, lets talk about 2017.

I’m not going to bore you with New Year’s resolutions or anything like that.  Instead, let’s talk about some new directions I am going to take in my life.

1.  Returning to Entrepreneurship

Since 2002 I have been running some sort of business venture at any given time.  Some examples would include my computer repair business, various iterations of online businesses, and working as a writer for online companies.  Over the last fifteen years there have been varying degrees of commitment to entrepreneurship including it being my sole focus, to barely paying attention to it at all.

2017 will be a big year where I put building businesses and assets at the forefront of my goals, and this starts from today (in fact I am working on it right now).

2.  Commitment to Vlogging

2016 was the first year that I have vlogged, and though it has been a sporadic process of mine, I really feel that there is some good potential in this area.  It is good from a business perspective as well as being good for my soul.  Talking about my life and challenges that I face is a good way to maintain a low level of stress in life, and I didn’t realize that vlogging would be so helpful to me in that regard.  In fact, if it wasn’t for vlogging, I don’t know if I would have ever noticed that I needed to lose weight.

3.  Reducing Distractions

Like many people, I find it a lot easier to procrastinate than to do work.  With easy access to the internet there are so many opportunities to be distracted if you let yourself and I am no stranger to having many unproductive days in a row.

That isn’t going to happen anymore.

I have taken steps to stop this from happening including giving up video games for the entire year (which if you know me is quite an extreme commitment) and I am looking forward to getting a lot more work done with all the time that will now be available to me.

4.  Getting more Sleep

Sleep has been one aspect of my life that I haven’t been very good with for quite some time.  It all started when I decided that getting up at four in the morning to exercise was the best idea for me.  At the time it was the only way I could fit the amount of exercise in that I needed to, but now that is no longer a possibility since I am so exhausted.

But I am going to work on this aspect of my life and should have less of an issue due to better time management.  I am hoping to be able to go to bed earlier in 2017 and still get up early enough to workout, and I am going to see how this works as we move into the year.  I know that it is going to be a work in progress, and it will take time to perfect my schedule.

5.  More Writing

Writing has been one of my favorite pastimes for years, but for the last few years I have not felt very motivated to write about anything.  I am going to attribute these feelings to the simple fact that I turned writing into a side-business of mine, and after doing that I lost passion for it.

But there are times when I sit down like I am doing now and just write.  It feels good to sit here with a little laptop on my lap and share what is sitting here in my head.  As an introvert it is almost easier to communicate this way and writing is therapeutic for me as well.  We’ll see how much more I write here and on the other blogs that I own, but I am thinking you will see me doing this a lot more than I have over the last few years.

While it is still the first day of 2017 I am really looking forward to making some changes in my life and if everything goes as planned, 2017 should be one of the best years ever.

Successful Trade Fair in Conquest


Trade fairs can be found in just about every small town across our province and they provide the opportunity for local businesses to showcase their wares and engage with potential customers.  Many towns like ours have talented artists, bakers, and representatives from many direct sales companies and these events can be a real source of revenues for them.  Most tradeshows in our area also serve lunch, and these meals are a fundraising opportunity for local groups.

Basically, these types of events are good for small communities like ours as they bring revenue into the town.  This impacts the vendors at the trade fair as well as local businesses that are visited by those attending the trade fair in the school.  In our town, this can been additional revenue for the Co-op store and the bar – the two businesses that are open on Saturdays.

Today, Conquest had their fall trade fair and it was a good success.  The attendance was good with many people checking out the many tables booked by local vendors.  Held inside the school, it was the perfect way to start off the weekend.

Lunch was hosted by the CCIA (Conquest Community Improvement Association), and guests had their choice of soup, sandwich and dessert all for less than ten dollars.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers that made it happen and all of the vendors who rented tables – without you, today’s trade fair would not have been a success.

Early Sunday Morning

drawing Sunday morning

Out of all of the days of the week, Sundays are the ones that I love the most.  Things are a little more laid back, I don’t wake up to an alarm and most of the time we don’t have any plans for the day at all.

It is the calm before the stormy work week.

This morning we happen to be at my parents house and I could hear some of the kids out in the living room around six thirty in the morning.  I checked on them and decided to get up around seven to spend some time with them.

I should really do it more often.

We sat down and started drawing.  I still draw at a grade two level, so my pictures were simple and yet they put a smile on my face.  It seems like it has been forever since I sat down with the kids and drew anything.

Courtney's drawings

I should do better.

I know at some point that everyone will get up, we’ll all eat breakfast and get on with our day.  But for these few moments, we’ll enjoy some peace and quiet, share the art that we create with each other and enjoy an activity that isn’t in front of a screen.

It is the perfect way to start a Sunday.

Starting to Vlog

While I have done a number of vlog (video blog) posts, I haven’t been doing them on a regular basis.  I suppose I could blame a number of reasons, but the truth of the matter is that I haven’t been committed to making it happen.

That changes today.

You see, I have just posted my first official vlog that teases at things to come and why I chose to do it at this moment in time.  It is short and sweet and you can watch it here:

You can catch every episode by subscribing to Marc Norris on Youtube.