Do You Know any Other Languages?
Instead of talking about business, politics or parenting, I thought that a lighter topic would be in order for today.  Sometimes I get tired of talking about “business”, so let’s take a day off.  It won’t hurt and it will make the blog here a little less serious, because if you know me (I mean… (1 comment)

Ideas for Great Content
If you've ever sat down to write a blog post or sat in front of a camera to do a video, there are times where you can't really quite decide what you're going to talk about. This problem occurs whether you are a seasoned professional or new to creating content, and it can make the… (0 comment)

Rebooting My Business
For nearly 10 years I put my heart and soul into my business. I worked each and every day whenever I could to grow something that could support our family, and for a while that is exactly what it did. I experienced satisfaction like I never before in my life and I was happy. But… (0 comment)

Changing my Life One Day at a Time
My life didn’t take the direction that I had expected in 2015.  It was a culmination of events that happened over the last couple of years and led me down a path that I had never thought that I would be on again.  With my business faltering and nearly wiped out thanks to some events… (1 comment)

Back to School Tomorrow
I know that many parents are probably breathing a sigh of relief now that their kids will be returning to school right away, but I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness.  This summer has been fun with the kids and I hate to think that we won’t be seeing them as much anymore. … (0 comment)